fall leaves

Every year it’s the same thing, a hurricane coming up the coast and everyone pulling out their boats. I just barely keep up with raking the leaves, and finally give up. After two or twenty nights and days of brisk October westerly wind the trees start to let the moonlight back upon the ground. It sure lightens my mood to see that big yellow globe bursting her aura through the empty branches. The days get shorter but the sunsets are more spectacular since the orange hues aren’t blocked by the thick Maple trees. Since most of the summer residents have gone the Maples no longer need to serve as a privacy hedge. I dump barrels of leaves into the chicken pen where they are yet again appreciated. The girls play queen of the leaf pile mountains and still don’t lay eggs. My son continuously plows through raked piles himself. I would never give him hell for that. I usually join him. I know snow is coming soon.


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