Dream of the never-ending chicken house

Last nights dream rearranged the back pasture into a marshland. In the center of that stood a ramshackled old chicken house, which I entered. It consisted of shed after shed falling over, but interconnected. As I stumbled through them and over piles of hay I finally found piles of tiny eggs the size of those chocolate foil wrapped ones that you get on Easter. There were also larger eggs with natural paisley designs from a special type of chicken. Unfortunately there was a terrible polluted runoff coming from either my house or a neighbors. It was polluting the marshland with some kind of sludge. I felt terrible but then my dream changed to something different and later I woke up.


Naturally Supernatural

Everything you see here is true and factual,
Even if it sounds a little supernatural.
it’s old ancient knowledge we pull from the heart,
older than anything we ever forgot,
a dream is real and a dream is not.
What do we seek in our great unconscious flow?
Dreams are windows to mysteries we may never know.